3rd February

God Is Relationship

No one can deny how great is the secret of our religion: Christ appeared in human form; was shown to be right by the Spirit; was seen by angels. He was preached among the nations, was believed in throughout the world, and was taken up to heaven. 1 Timothy 3: 16

Any one who rejects God’s will
Is like a leaking ship on a stormy sea
Is like an eagle caught in a trap
Is like an apple tree which never blossoms.

Any one who obeys God’s will
Is like the golden rays of the summer sun
Is like a silver chalice overflowing with wine
Is like a beautiful bride ready for love.
Traditional Celtic saying

I believe that God is One
I believe that God is eternal
I believe that God is Love

Therefore I believe that God is relationship
Therefore I believe that God is community
Therefore I believe that God is Three

Each of the Three Persons is God
Without this God could not be the Highest
Without this God could not be Eternally Love

Loving Saviour, show yourself to us
that knowing you we may love you as warmly in return
may love you alone, desire you alone
contemplate you alone by day and night
and keep you always in our thoughts.
May affection for you pervade our hearts.
May attachment to you take possession of us all.
May love of you fill all our senses.
May we know no other love except you who are eternal.
A love so great
that the many waters of land and sea will fail to quench it.

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