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Our sister site, WaymarksofLife can send you seven days of emails, followed by resources and spiritual formation exercises to be tried out for a week. These emails will be sent for several years. The course will unfold insights, excite us to live in a whole new way, and help us to shape a whole new world using Aidan and Hilda principles of life.

The U.K. Community of Aidan and Hilda can be found at:

Documents of Ireland electronic text list

Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Carmina Gadelica collection:

 Columbanus’ sermons:

On the same website click on to the Celtic Year menu:

Saint Brigid, Abbess of Kildare – A Gift of Hospitality

Saint Ita

A literalistic translation from the Latin of a medieval Life of Saint Ita

Rule of St. Columba and other rules

Lindisfarne Gospel:

The Lichfield, or St. Chad Gospels

The Book of Durrow:

The Faddan More Psalter–most-important-find-since-Ardagh-Chalice-102283079.html#ixzz1fvqbu2FP

Margaret Stokes’ Early Christian Art in Ireland

Kuno Meyer’s Selections from Ancient Irish Poetry

For a taste of Irish poets visit:
or read extracts from poems attributed to Columba, Dallán Forgaill and Beccan:‐across‐seasst‐columba‐of‐iona.html

Read about the Ruthwell Cross at:

Skellig Michael